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Northampton Historic Markers

Seven historic markers link selected sites from Florence Center to the Bridge Street Cemetery. Each marker provides a link in a chain of interpretation telling the story of Northampton's history. Containing colorful historical photographs and prints, these site markers tie history and place together.

This project was was made possible by a generous grant from the Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities. Each historical marker is sponsored privately.

To take a virtual tour of these new markers, click on the Google map to locate each kiosk, or click on the links below to view the images and text displayed on each kisok. View Larger Map

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Old Burial Grounds Historic Marker

Sponsored by William G. Pomeroy Foundation

First Church Historic Marker

Sponsored by Smith College

Pulaski Park Historic Marker

Sponsored by Pioneer Valley Hospitality Group

Florence Center Historic Marker

Sponsored by Florence Savings Bank

Court House Historic Marker

Sponsored by Hampshire Bar, Downtown Sounds, River Valley Market

Gehenna Press

51 Clark Avenue, Northampton. Sponsored by the Massachusetts Center for the Book

The Manse

54 Prospect Street, Northampton. Sponsored by Phyllis and Joseph Wilhelm

The Abolition Era

Funded by a grant from MassHumanities